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The ancient Greek philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists

There were many ancient Greek philosophers. Socrates was one of the earliest Greek philosophers. A philosopher is someone who engages in thoughtful analysis of the world around them. While he is such an important philosopher, we actually have no written records by Socrates. Instead, records came from Plato, Aristophanes, and Xenophon. Plato wrote in dialog, … Continue reading The ancient Greek philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists

Lafty Crafty

If I had a store I would name it “Lafty Crafty”. In it I would sell different supplies for crafts, and different craft kits for all ages. My store would be kind of like Hobby Lobby. If I had a bulletin board my sign would look like this: My store sign would probably be something … Continue reading Lafty Crafty

Kings of Judah

The 20 kings of Judah that I will talk about had varying levels of success. Their success was based on how well they adhered to the laws they were given. The good kings obeyed and were rewarded, the bad kings disobeyed and were punished. Rehoboam was the first king he ruled for 17 years and … Continue reading Kings of Judah

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