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Suspenision Bridges

Humans have always been explorers. Bridges let us reach distant lands. The Romans were the great bridge builders in the ancient world so they had their own style. Later other cultures invented their own bridge types, for example, the Tibetans used iron chains instead of vines. James Finely, an Irish immigrant, born in 1756 became very involved … Continue reading Suspenision Bridges


Commodus began his reign in Rome very poorly. He immediately began debasing everything, gave little attention to the armies, and wasted time attending the games in Rome. After a fire in Rome in 191, Commodus declared himself as the new Romulus and renamed Rome to match his name. No emperor before him seemed to have … Continue reading Commodus

Roman Homes

Roman cities were build in almost the same way throughout the Empire. The style and patterns were copied throughout the Empire as well. The two main types of homes i will talk about today are the apartment homes and the town house. The poorest people lived in the small apartment rooms throughout the cities. Sometimes … Continue reading Roman Homes

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