George Whitefield

George Whitefield was born in Gloucester, England in 1714. His parents were poor innkeepers and George did not have the money to attend college. As a result, he paid for his college by being a servant at Oxford. Whitefield was initiated into the legalistic style of Christianity during his time at Oxford. He had a conversation experience finally after crying out to God in prayer one day. After this, Whitefield became passionate about the things of God and began preaching. After becoming preacher, George Whitefield visited the American colonies as a parish priest. While there he saw an orphanage in great need and decided that, along with preaching, would be his life works. He returned to England to raise funds and continue preaching.  Some people claimed that his voice could be heard for 5 miles, allowing him to preach to thousands of people at once. Whitefield also play a role on the founding of America by warning the colonists that the king would take away their liberties over time. Whitefield visited the colonies a total of 7 times, and eventually died and buried there in 1770.


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3 thoughts on “George Whitefield

      1. He and John Wesley were Methodist buddies! One did preaching in the American colonies, while the other in England. I think.

        One held a Calvinistic view and the other held an Arminian view. This is where they differed. I think.

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